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Widex hearing aids

For more than six decades, Widex has provided those with hearing loss with a variety of hearing treatments and cutting-edge hearing technology. With the help of PureSound technology, Widex hearing aids are equipped with cutting-edge sound processors and AI-powered customization. Widex hearing aids are renowned for their distinctive sound, also known as PureSoundTM technology.

Widex PureSound Technology

With PureSound Technology, Widex is able to provide hearing aids that deliver exceptional sound clarity with zero delays. The proprietary ZeroDelay technology eliminates poor, artificial sound by processing sound as fast as possible in Widex digital hearing aids. With Widex PureSound Technology, there’s no chance for delay-based distortion so you can enjoy rich, natural sound wherever you are.

Widex Hearing Aids 2022

Widex Moment Sheer

Widex Moment Sheer is the newest addition to Widex hearing aids with PureSound Technology. This hearing aid has more parameters in terms of AI power, giving you wider control of your device. The Moment Sheer sRIC R D is Widex’s smallest receiver-in-canal hearing aid to date.

Widex Moment

This is the flagship of Widex PureSound technology. Widex Moment is engineered to lower the risk of moisture damage with its impressive water-resistant nano-coating and resilient microphones that can withstand harsh environmental factors. This is ideal for busy, always on-the-go lifestyles – a hearing aid with no battery door to ensure that there’s no chance for moisture to seep in. Enjoy robust and powerful listening anytime, anywhere.

Widex Unique

For a full audio experience, UNIQUE captures the entire soundscape. In windy conditions, it enables you to hear conversations and other sounds by reducing wind noise. Widex Unique makes sure you have a pleasant listening experience by adjusting itself based on your location. Functional hearing is at your fingertips as you stream phone calls, audiobooks, music, and podcasts to your hearing aids.

Widex Evoke

If you want to be in complete control, Widex Evoke’s interactive features let you intuitively customize your listening experience. Depending on your listening demands and your surroundings, EVOKE automatically adjusts its hearing aid settings. It has never been simpler to provide excellent audio for a busy life. The Fluid Sound Analyzer in the EVOKE hearing aid allows the device to smartly respond to your surroundings.

Widex CROS

Individuals with single-sided deafness can greatly benefit from WIDEX CROS (SSD). WIDEX CROS is for people who have good hearing in one ear but are deaf in the other.  WIDEX CROS is very effective for hearing speech because of its excellent sound clarity and lack of echoes or distortion. The negative effects are lessened with CROS because it eliminates the head shadow effect and wirelessly transmits sound from the better ear to the deaf ear. 

Widex Hearing Aid Apps 

  • Widex Moment app
  • Widex Evoke app
  • Widex Tonelink app
  • Widex Remote Care

Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

  • RC-DEX
  • TV-DEX

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