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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron is a world-renowned hearing aid manufacturer with its founding roots based in Canada. Having been established in 1964, Unitron is pleased with its history of success and dedication to providing customers with impressive product performance, aesthetics, and comfort.

The goal of Unitron is to create products, services, and technology that provide very high levels of customization. The business operates under the tenet that patients need to enjoy all aspects of their hearing care, from beginning to end. The mission of Unitron is to provide customers with life-changing hearing solutions that support you at every stage of your path toward better hearing.

Unitron Hearing Aid Technology


The Blu hearing aid family is powered by a highly-advanced signal processing system called Integra OS. It allows easy customization, universal connectivity, and sophisticated styles that offer life-changing solutions for people with hearing loss.

Discover Next

The Discover Next platform is a lifesaver for first-time hearing aid users. It is powered by Unitron’s Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM) to provide volume and transparency that makes it comfortable for new hearing aid wearers. It is smart enough to automatically transition to a more powerful performance to make hearing a pleasant experience.


Unitron hearing aids running on the Tempus platform offer a high-performance solution that allows wearers to always be in control. Whether you are in a noisy restaurant or a quiet coffee shop, you can be at ease knowing that Unitron hearing aids will deliver clear, realistic sound.

Unitron Hearing Aids 2022


Unitron Moxi hearing aids are powered by SoundCore, with four smart features that sync together to help understand unique listening environments and automatically make seamless adjustments for laid-back hearing. Actively participate in every conversation and say goodbye to the fear of missing out, no matter how much noise is present.

  • Moxi All
  • Moxi Now
  • Moxi Fit
  • Moxi All R
  • Moxi Kiss
  • Moxi Dura
  • Moxi Fit R


Unitron Shine hearing aids offer natural hearing anytime, anywhere. It efficiently reduces and isolates unwanted noise with AutoMic and can smartly switch from omni to adaptive mode to detect and filter background noise.

  • Shine Rev M
  • Shine Rev S & HPm
  • Shine Rev HP


Unitron Stride is powered by Tempus platform and looks stunning with a comfortable fit and intelligent controls. It is also powered by SoundCore’s four smart features that work together to help you participate in various listening environments for seamless, laid-back hearing.

  • Stride M R
  • Stride M
  • Stride P
  • Stride P Dura


Unitron Max hearing aids are recommended for severe to profound hearing loss. With its Super Power presets, you can enjoy highly-personalized settings based on your unique listening needs. Unitron Max may be a powerful hearing aid, but it is smart enough to prevent over-amplification and facilitate a pleasantly clear hearing experience.

  • Max SP
  • Max UP


Unitron Insera is an in-the-ear line that provides excellent directionality in customized housings to make speech easier to understand with clear and natural sounds. Available in a full shell, half shell, mini canal, mini canal directional, IIC, and CIC.

Unitron Hearing Aid Apps

Unitron Remote Plus app

The Unitron Remote Plus app gives you numerous choices to customize your hearing aids and serves as a remote control for your devices. While using the automatic software, you can temporarily improve voice quality or listening comfort. You can add more customizable programs directly through the app.

Unitron Hearing Aid Accessories

  • Remote Plus app
  • TV Connector
  • Remote Control
  • Remote control 2
  • IIC remote
  • uStream
  • uDirect 3
  • uDirect 2
  • uMic
  • uTV 3
  • uTV 2
  • iCube II
  • Smart Control Remote

Norfolk Audiology: Unitron Hearing Aids Authorized Provider

Better hearing starts with the right hearing aid. Norfolk Audiology is an authorized provider of Unitron hearing aids and accessories in Norfolk, NE. 

To know more about Unitron hearing aids and what model suits your unique hearing needs, schedule an appointment with us today!

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