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Hearing Aid Services

Hearing aids play a key role in improving, managing, and treating hearing loss. Hearing aids can also provide relief for tinnitus. With the correct prescription, hearing aid fitting, programming, and adjustments, hearing aids can significantly improve one’s communication at home, school, or work.

Norfolk Audiology acknowledges the importance of hearing aids and the endless opportunities that hearing aids can offer to a person with hearing problems. Our team at Norfolk Audiology can help you select the hearing aid best suited for your hearing needs, budget, and lifestyle.

We carry hearing devices and accessories from major hearing aid manufacturers to ensure that our patients have access to the best devices available. 

Hearing Aid Selection 

At Norfolk Audiology, we make hearing aid selection easy and convenient for our clients. We offer different styles and levels of technology, making specific recommendations along the way based on our patient’s audiological test results. On top of that, we also consider the lifestyle of our patients along with their budget.

To help you make an informed choice during hearing aid selection, our simple guide for different hearing aid styles below can help:

Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

As the name implies, completely in-canal hearing aids are placed in the ear canal. They are ideal for people who are looking for a discreet hearing aid. CIC hearing aids are custom-fit to adhere to the unique ear anatomy. When fitted and programmed correctly, completely-in-the-ear hearing aids can provide maximum comfort and clear sound quality.

In-the-Canal (ITC)

Also known as half-shell hearing aids, in-the-canal hearing aids are positioned on the lower part of the ear. Most ITC hearing aids are kept in a lightweight plastic shell and are custom-made to fit the unique ear anatomy.

In-the-Ear (ITE)

In-the-ear hearing aids are available in two custom-made styles – full shell and half shell. Full shell in-the-ear hearing aids fill the bowl-shaped part of the outer ear. Half-shell in-the-ear hearing aids only fill the lower part of the ear.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE)

As the name implies, BTE hearing aids are positioned on top or behind the ear outer ear with a tube that leads through the ear canal via a custom-fit earmold. Behind-the-ear hearing aids are also available with a dome design which is specifically used to prevent blocking the entire opening of the ear canal.

Hearing Aid Fitting 

Hearing aid fitting is a crucial part of a person’s hearing aid journey. During a hearing aid fitting, the chosen device will be placed in the ear and will be programmed to address a patient’s specific hearing prescription. 

At Norfolk Audiology, we use real-ear verification measurements to ensure the best possible hearing improvement for our patients regardless of the device and type of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Programming and Adjustments 

The process and convenience of hearing aid programming and adjustments have come a long from decades ago. Modern technology, updated software, and dedicated apps make hearing aid programming easier and faster. While hearing aid wearers now have the ability to adjust their devices through a dedicated app, an audiologist should be the primary person to program and adjust a hearing aid.

Norfolk Audiology provides professional hearing aid programming and adjustments using real ear measurements, environmental simulations, and visual mapping to ensure that the device is calibrated as necessary to address the specific needs of the user.

Real Ear Measurements 

During real ear measurements, we use real-ear probe microphones to detect the amount of sound reaching the eardrum and if it matches a patient’s specific hearing requirements. At Norfolk Audiology, we see to it that real ear measurement is incorporated into all hearing aid fittings, programming, and adjustments.

Why is a real ear measurement important?

Hearing aids are meant to do more than just amplify sounds. Having good audibility is good, but having audibility across a wide range of pitches and frequencies is the best way to maximize a hearing aid.

Real ear measurement ensures that a hearing aid wearer experiences the best possible hearing improvement. An audiologist performing real-ear verification will consider various key factors including the canal shape and ear size to guarantee good auditory access to speech and sound.

Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing aids may be tiny, but they are powerful devices that run on computer-like intelligence. No matter how much you take care of hearing aids, regular usage will expose them to dirt, earwax, and moisture.

Our team at Norfolk Audiology gives patients basic information on how to clean and take care of hearing devices. However, regular professional maintenance and cleaning is needed to ensure optimal performance.

We offer hearing aid checks and repair for major brand hearing aids, whether or not you purchased the hearing device from our clinic. For major hearing aid repairs, we will send your device to the manufacturer for further evaluation.

Most hearing aid repairs are included in the 12-month warranty of major hearing aid brands. 

Hearing Aid Warranty

Hearing aids from Norfolk Audiology all come with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer inclusive of repair and L&D. If we send a hearing aid for repair under warranty, the patient will not pay for the repair but may be charged minimal service fees inclusive of check-ups/appointments, shipping/logistics, and EAA upon its return.

Follow-up and Maintenance 

We offer professional hearing aid cleaning to ensure that the microphones, receivers, wax filters, custom earmolds, and other tiny components of the device are sanitized and functioning properly. During follow-up and maintenance, we perform a listening check to monitor if the hearing aid settings still meet the hearing requirements of our patient. We also recommend an annual electrical acoustical analysis for hearing aids. 

Norfolk Audiology Hearing Aid Services

Norfolk Audiology is committed to providing world-class hearing healthcare services to residents of Norfolk and nearby communities. We believe in patient-centered care, focusing on individual goals, lifestyles, and communication gaps of our patients that need to be filled.

We believe that the journey to better hearing starts with an accurate diagnosis of your hearing concerns. 

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