Is it good to get your ears professionally cleaned?

In most circumstances, it is recommended to leave earwax alone because its components are actually advantageous to the ears. Earwax serves as a lubricant and protective coating in the ears and is a normal bodily excretion. Earwax has been proven to possess anti-fungal and antibacterial properties through several testing. However, too much earwax is not healthy and must be addressed.

Overproduction of earwax can cause obstruction, impaction, and other hearing issues. 

Why does earwax become impacted?

When a large amount of earwax has already accumulated in the ear canal, it may lead to hearing issues such as muffled hearing, tinnitus, ear infections, etc. Earwax accumulation can occur despite the fact that ears are built to self-clean. 

As audiologists, we are always advising our patients not to clean their ears using cotton swabs and other small pointy objects. If you think that your ears need some good cleaning, it’s better to get your ears professionally cleaned rather than try to scoop out the dirt on your own and risk your fragile hearing.

How is professional ear cleaning done?

Audiologists typically use a special set of tools and equipment to remove a lot of earwax from the ear, releasing any impacted wax during the procedure. We physically examine the ears to see if there are any obstructions, impactions, or perforations that we need to be aware of before doing earwax removal.

Professional ear cleanings are just one of the many hearing care services offered at Norfolk Audiology. We can assure you that our professional ear cleaning service is safe, effective, sanitary, and performed by a skilled audiologist. 

Your ears should feel clearer when the earwax is removed, and any pain, irritation, or itching may go away. A notable improvement in hearing can also be noticed for hearing loss brought on by impacted earwax.

How frequently should I have my ears cleaned by a professional?

Since earwax production differs from person to person, there isn’t exactly a set schedule for how frequently the ears should be cleaned by a professional. It’s recommended to have your ears cleaned professionally on average every six to twelve months.

Hydrogen peroxide in the ear: Is it safe?

Generally, it’s safe to clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide when done properly. However, as hydrogen peroxide can result in blistering and other types of skin irritation, more care must be used when applying this type of product to clean the ears. In fact, concentrations of more than 10% might possibly result in burns. The sensitive skin within the ear can get irritated when hydrogen peroxide is used excessively, which may cause inflammation and earaches. If you are doubtful or unsure about cleaning your ears using hydrogen peroxide or some other ear solutions, it would be best to go to an audiologist and get your ears cleaned by a professional.

What to expect during professional ear cleaning?

Ear cleanings are generally rapid and painless. Your ears will be cleaned throughout the operation, and an audiologist will use safe and reliable methods and equipment to dissolve and remove the hardened wax. Your ears should feel cleaner and more refreshed after the process. You could also detect a significant improvement in your hearing.

Why is professional ear cleaning beneficial?

Professional ear cleanings are necessary if you want to hear better and keep your ears healthy. Through this procedure, audiologists also get the chance to evaluate the general condition of your ears and offer any necessary care or advice to maintain them in top condition.

When you have your ears cleaned by a professional, there is no risk of accidentally injuring or perforating your eardrums. Due to how delicate the ears are, one error might have disastrous effects, including hearing loss. With professional ear cleaning, you get clean ears with peace of mind. A win-win situation overall!

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