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Hearing Aid Fittings

The majority of people often envision an audiologist fitting a patient with hearing aids when they hear the phrase “hearing aid fitting.” That is accurate in a literal sense, but fittings for hearing aids involve more than that. It is imperative to have the proper fit for a hearing aid, but it is also crucial to get the proper combination of amplification through modification and real ear measurement.

What happens during a hearing aid fitting?

Our audiologist will conduct a sound test to get things started with the fitting. This test assists in adjusting the hearing aids’ volume so that they work especially for you. A little tube is inserted close to your eardrum. The tube gauges your eardrum’s sensitivity to both gentle and loud noises. The same test is then carried out while your hearing aids are on. This enables us to adjust the level of amplification so you can hear sounds of all intensities without discomfort.

What is Real Ear Measurement?

To ensure the most precise hearing aid fitting, real ear measurement is regarded as the gold standard. It refers to the procedure of gauging the volume of sound in a patient’s ear canal, enabling audiologists to make more precise changes based not only on the results of a hearing test but also on the clarity of sound received in the ear while the hearing device is in place.

Not every audiologist uses accurate ear measurements. At Norfolk Audiology, we adhere to best practices to provide our patients with the best possible hearing treatment they deserve. Real ear verification is considered one of our standard operating procedures in hearing aid fitting.

Why is real ear measurement important?

Real ear measurement is a crucial component of a successful hearing aid fitting. The effectiveness of even the priciest hearing aids will be a gamble without precise verification and actual ear measurement.

The effectiveness of even the priciest hearing aids will be a gamble without precise verification and actual ear measuremenSince every hearing loss is different, there is no general hearing aid setting that can match the precision of a real ear measurement during a hearing aid fitting. Audiologists can give patients the closest level of amplification necessary for their hearing needs by measuring the patient’s actual ears.

Real ear measurements are not always used by audiologists and other hearing healthcare specialists when fitting hearing aids. Audiologists at Norfolk Audiology are highly trained and knowledgeable in real ear measurements.

After the programming and fitting of the hearing aids, we will go over fundamental hearing aid cleaning and maintenance. This covers battery replacement (if applicable) as well as the insertion and removal of hearing aids.

Adjusting to hearing aids 

To become acclimated to your hearing aids and gain the greatest benefit possible from them, it may take up weeks, or even months. Although you will initially only see minor changes, it is essential to be patient and let yourself take in the acclimatization process with a determined and positive attitude.

You might perceive some sounds as very loud or as having distinct patterns. Try your best not to lose motivation. Don’t ever consider not wearing your hearing aid if this initially feels uncomfortable. Getting acclimated to hearing may take time, but eventually, you will get used to it. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any assistance, support, or questions regarding your hearing aid wearing progress. Our friendly staff and audiologists at Norfolk Audiology are more than happy to help you ease into your new hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Fitting at Norfolk, NE 

It requires more than just purchasing an advanced or powerful hearing aid to manage hearing loss. A successful hearing journey is made possible by precise hearing aid fitting, adjusting, and programming, an audiologist’s competence, and support from family.

Norfolk Audiology is an authorized provider of the best hearing aid manufacturers in the industry including Phonak, Lyric, Oticon, Unitron, ReSound, Starkey, Signia, Lyric, and Widex. We take pride in providing our patients with outstanding hearing healthcare in Norfolk, NE. If you have any questions or concerns about hearing aid fitting and other services we offer, we are just one call away.

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