Dr. Katie Gamerl

Audiologist and Owner

Dr. Gamerl is excited to serve the hearing needs of her hometown and its surrounding communities. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and her Doctorate in Audiology from A.T. Still University. She has over twenty years of clinical audiology experience. Through her commitment to professional excellence, she earned the American Academy of Audiology’s title of 2021 Academy Scholar. She is proud to have extensively studied tinnitus and tinnitus treatment options. In addition to Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, Dr. Gamerl specializes in diagnosing hearing loss, fitting hearing aids, and assistive listening devices. She finds the most joy when her patients’ relationships are strengthened with better hearing. She is looking forward to assisting you on your journey to better hearing.

Dr. Gamerl is committed to helping those in the United States and across the globe receive hearing health care. She is a proud member of Entheos and supports Hearing the Call. A portion of proceeds from hearing aid purchases made at Norfolk Audiology is donated to Hearing the Call to help individuals who would otherwise not have access, receive much needed hearing care. If you are interested in helping others with hearing, visit: https://www.hearingthecall.org/

Katie and her husband, Erik, have two teenage boys. Katie is a handyman around the house and enjoys playing golf and tennis with friends.

Client Testimonials

“My appointment was very professional and Katie has the most updated equipment for her profession. She is a great listener and is very patient. I would recommend this office for your audiology needs here in Norfolk.”

– Chuck and Beth Rowse

“The professional service and expertise that Katie Gamerl has to offer at Norfolk Audiology is second to none! I highly recommend Norfolk Audiology for your hearing care! ”

– Ron Stech

“Dr. Gamerl is extremely caring and professional, willing to meet the needs of her patients. She will take the time to check and cross-check your equipment to make sure you are hearing the best you can. The staff approaches each individual with the same care.”

– Thomas McConnell

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