treating hearing loss improves quality of life

Erik's Story

It was difficult to admit that I was having trouble with my hearing for some time.  I was especially struggling to hear and understand conversations.  I was often frustrated having to ask others to repeat.  Sometimes I even pretended to understand when I didn't.

Dr. Gamerl did an excellent job determining the root of my hearing loss and offered me solutions which included hearing aids.  She took the time to ensure that they were programmed specifically for my hearing loss and hearing needs.  

I knew the hearing aids were working well for me during conversations.  I found I was less tired after meetings because it took less effort to communicate.  I now have reduced anxiety when visiting with others.  After adapting to my aids, I find them enjoyable to wear.

I know Dr. Gamerl will be there for me as my hearing and communication needs change. 


Hear what you have been missing

John's Story

When my wife and family asked me to get my hearing checked, I was reluctant.  Sure I missed things they were saying and conversations in noisy places were frustrating, but I didn't have a problem.

I gave in and told myself that I was going to have a baseline hearing test so that in the future, changes in my hearing could be assessed.  Dr. Gamerl explained my hearing levels and showed me the sounds that I was missing.  I decided to give hearing aids a try.

When I walked out of my appointment with hearing aids, I was surprised and amazed with all that I could hear.  Because hearing loss can be very gradual, I didn't know what I was missing.  The sound of a freshly ironed shirt is an example.  

In noisy restaurants I can adjust my hearing aids to hear the table conversation.  I hear my family and the world around me.  Now, I can't imagine life without good hearing.  



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